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Taking Roleplay Seriously

People roleplay for different reasons. Some don’t care about taking it seriously (since it IS a hobby, after all), and some are perfectly fine with short sentences, spelling mistakes, grammar errors, issues with syntax, or even one-liner responses.

another example 4

I am not one of these people.

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Reactive vs Proactive Roleplay—Just Act In Character!

If you’ve spent any amount time within rp circles, you most likely seen (or even rped with) two different types of roleplayers: reactive roleplayers and proactive roleplayers. There are those that fall in the middle, and certain situations can practically breed one type of player or the other, but I’m splitting them into two categories based off individual interaction style. It’s important to keep in mind that younger, more inexperienced rpers will be on the more reactive side of the spectrum, and it’s not a death sentence. Don’t worry, I’m not going to skin you alive—but I think it’s important to understand these play styles, and what to avoid/seek out when looking for rp partners.

neph's truth.png

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Issues with Aesthetic Roleplay

Purple prose is the death of writing. It’s over done, over exaggerated, bloated prose—it’s full of wordiness, inflation, and overall just sounds pretensions. It’s the kind of writing any writing prof would talk to you about as a bad example of how to write, yet it’s scarily apparent in rp communities, especially on the Tumblr scene.

Let me show you a brief excerpt of what I mean:

ex 1

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Authenticity in RP

loathing 7.png

When you write a muse, are you playing a character or are you becoming one? Do you take your muse’s shoes and walk around in them, or do you describe the actions you see in front of you? One of the most important aspects of rp that I continuously mention—whether it be subtlety or not so subtlety—is the relationship between mun and muse. I’ve talked about character bleed, not taking offense to things done in character—but one facet of the relationship of mun and muse I haven’t covered is authenticity in rp.

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Where is the rp etiquette?

another example 3

I have a love hate relationship with rp (that is to say, roleplay.). Love because I can’t get enough of it, curled up in blankets with a cup of hot chocolate, writing an 800 to 1000 word response to one of my friends. Hate because it’s so hard to find a good rp partner nowadays. Gone are the times of dedicated threads and Tumblr blogs where the whole goal was just writing and nothing more—instead replaced by aesthetic rp blogs where the focus is how the prose looks, instead of the actual prose.

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